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Cleaner Blood. Less Pain.* Use Neprinol.

Start cleansing your blood while lessening aches and pains from overuse and everyday activity.

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About Neprinol

Supports clean blood, proper joint and circulatory function.

Fibrin is found in the blood, and is necessary for healing after injury, infection, and disease. But the production of fibrin is not a perfect process. Your body normally keeps fibrin in check by using enzymes to break down any excess. However, after age 30, enzymes become scarce and fibrin begins to build up.

When fibrin builds up, it can act like a cobweb in the veins and arteries, trapping toxins and setting off an immune response. This may cause you to experience the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue and discomfort
  • Poor circulation
  • Elevated blood viscosity
  • Delayed healing

Neprinol helps decrease excess fibrin with fibrinolytic activity that surpasses most other products. Its systemic enzymes aid in detoxifying and purifying the blood, which supports optimal cardiovascular and cellular health. This non-toxic blend of enzymes helps to reduce bruising, swelling, and pain from over exertion. It also supports a healthy inflammatory response, helping to limit daily aches and pains.

Get the right blend of systemic enzymes that your body needs for proper circulation and improved joint comfort with Neprinol.

*From exertion and overuse


The Effects of Neprinol

BEFORE NEPRINOL: Subject has high levels of blood contaminants and reports stiff, uncomfortable joints after exercise (from overuse).
AFTER NEPRINOL: Subject’s blood is cleansed and reports no joint discomfort or tenderness.

Arthur Andrew Medical is a leading provider of innovative, therapeutic-grade supplements. The company is known for formulating products with the highest quality materials that are well-researched and have a proven safety record. The company’s first product, Neprinol, was the world’s most potent non-animal-derived systemic enzyme when it was launched in 2004 and has garnered worldwide attention.

Since the company was founded in 2003, Arthur Andrew Medical has added 15 supplements to its product line, ranging from women’s and children’s formulas to joint relief, digestive enzymes and pet products. The company continues to expand with highly effective supplements that provide customers with safe, natural alternatives to invasive treatments. All of Arthur Andrew Medical’s products are vegetarian-friendly, GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA, and comprised of non-GMO ingredients.

Directions: Take Neprinol with eight ounces of water on an empty stomach, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Larger daily doses may be divided into two or three servings per day.

Maintenance: Two to three capsules per day. Increased Support: Four to six capsules per day

Therapeutic: Nine Capsules per day.

Warning: Do not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants or if you are pregnant or nursing.

When is the best time to take Neprinol?

For best results, take the product at least one hour prior to eating and/or two hours after a meal.

Can I take Neprinol with other supplements?

Neprinol can be used safely with other dietary supplements.

How long does it take for Neprinol to work?

Although every person is different, some have reported feeling the effects of systemic enzymes in as little as 45 minutes. For therapeutic regimens, the progression may be slow for some and quicker for others. Typically, supplementing the product for a minimum of a month’s time is recommended, with the best results occurring anywhere from one to three months thereafter.


A fibrinolytic enzyme derived from the fermentation of Bacillus subtilis that can help to maintain normal blood viscosity and normal cardiovascular health.


A proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme with potent fibrinolytic activity can support healthy fibrin concentrations. It has been clinically shown to support healthy mucus viscosity and promote normal recovery after physical stress.


Used systemically, this enzyme digests fats in the blood and can help convert fats into fatty acids, which may be expressed or retained as energy.


A proteolytic enzyme that, when present in blood serum, plays an important role in the blood’s health. It can also help support a healthy immune system and improve circulatory health.


Derived from Indian Gooseberry, amla contains tannic acid, glucose, cellulose, and calcium. Amla helps maintain pH balance, and has a high concentration of naturally derived vitamin C.


A proteolytic enzyme derived from papaya that can promote normal healing and inflammation from overexertion.


A flavonoid (plant pigment) that helps to maintain strong capillaries and connective tissue, as well as healthy blood vessels.


Helps to decrease the proliferation of free radicals, supporting a healthy immune system. Co-Q10 helps promote maintenance of normal cardiovascular function and is a coenzyme that is essential for enzymes to function in the body.


Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, and is essential for cell repair, hormones, and a regular heartbeat. Magnesium also helps reduce the effects of increased stress.

See what people are saying. The reviews below are from real customers, not representations or claims made by Arthur Andrew Medical.

Guizhu C.
I love this product. It helped a lot with my joint pain
Connie H.
I've been taking neprinol for about six months. When I ran out and didn't reorder, I started noticing a difference in how my digestion works. I believe it's beneficial to me to take it and I'll continue to do so.
Gloria C.
I have been using Neprinol AFD for years and believe I am getting good results healthwise.
Chul L.
Hello, One of my client, since she has been take a pills for a couple years, she is happy with this pills, her symptoms has been much improved. she will continue to take this pills. Last shipment was very terrible, it takes to here more than two weeks, exactly 17 days to here with appearance of package was so dirty and contents was wet.
Cathi-li G.
I started using Neprinol AFD around October 2015 for a nagging knee problem I began experiencing in late 2014. Despite using doctor prescribed steriods and other medications for a few months none of them had any positive effect for me. Neprinol AFD was recommended to me by my natropath and I'm happy to say that there has been noticeable improvement thus far.
Jonathan B.
We love this supplement. We order it, we take it, we feel better, we order more. I made the mistake of trying to live without it when we ran out and we paid the price. We started getting sick with the flu, colds, everything everyone else was getting. I am placing another order today so we don't run out.
Clinton K.
Great for eliminating bothersome inflammation in the joints and muscle. Not to mention no more heartburn. I'm a strong believer in it.
Virginia T.
I am so grateful a product exist that does what this product does. Everything you need for healthy arteries, fibrin control And enzymes for functions in the body are available.
After reading all the reviews on Neprinol I have to order it and theSerretia. I had a stroke in 2009 and the warfarin and Statin drugs they put me on had me in constant pain and almost crippled. When I was in the hospital I felt great, couple of weeks later the pain in my body was crippling and I was using a walker and cane to get around. I quit taking the Statin and eventually felt much better. Now I have stopped taking all the warfarin cut back to half dose and taking nattokinase and a baby aspirin daily. Started to see results immediately. Now I am ordering Neprinol with added Seretia. I would recommend it to anyone for sure.
Carol B.
I am not stiff anymore. I use it along with Serrapeptase. Feeling younger!